The actual world real estate is still on the way to recovery from the adverse effects of covid-19. Although a complete recovery is expected towards the end of 2021, virtual land deals are likely to witness a new surge. Nowadays, plots are being sold regularly in virtual worlds such as Decentraland.

In a record deal, a section of virtual land in the blockchain-powered Online World Decentraland was sold at $9,00000 in the first weeks of June 21, confirms Decentraland Foundation. This move is expected to pave the way for similar deals in the future.

People interested in virtual deals point…

Huge numbers of candidates look forward to earning a bitcoin professional certificate. The CBP certificate is assuredly helpful to improve professional standing across domains. CBP is a professional qualification that would give the aspirant an edge over others in the highly competitive professional world. In other words, a CBP certification functions as a catalyst for career growth.

The first thing to note about a CBP certification is that it does not require previous knowledge in cryptocurrency. Prerequisites for eligible candidates include fundamental knowledge of computer operations or smartphones. Familiarity with Windows operating systems or android is also favorable. …

An inevitable doubt in a new crypto investor’s mind is about cryptocurrency gaining value. How does a crypto increase its value?

Cryptocurrency is not very old; it began in 2009. Cryptos, are now undoubtedly a universal phenomenon. It is in the process of slowly becoming a part of major industries, even top enterprises have shown willingness to accept crypto as a feasible payment option. It can be said that the future would only strengthen the abilities of digital currencies.

The monetary system associated with crypto is the digital currency’s most rewarding feature. Crypto is decentralized in nature and is without…

Despite the emergence of different types of cryptos, bitcoin is still the most popular among them. The majority of crypto experts believe that bitcoin is certain to retain its popularity in the upcoming years as well. Most of these Crypto enthusiasts and investors have faith in the currency’s capability to return to stability despite any fluctuations. According to some of the industry observers, bitcoin has the ability to go beyond $300,000 or more in the immediate years. Yet, there is no dearth of people who believe that bitcoin may be subjected to a drastic drop in prices as well. …

Cryptocurrency has penetrated various sectors in the recent past. As premier institutions show a willingness to adopt crypto as a viable payment option, the future looks promising. Some of the recent developments appear to be promising for the worldwide crypto arena. The year 2020 was a crucial year for the crypto space. The covid-19 pandemic had accelerated digital currency’s emergence as a viable form of payment.

The current year is expected to show similar trends as massive changes influence the crypto sector. These trends may have a long-lasting impact on the industry and the whole financial industry in general.


Nowadays, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are all over the news. Until recently, the word crypto meant bitcoin for the majority of crypto enthusiasts. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency began in 2009. The current crypto enthusiasts are going beyond bitcoin to the more than 5000 plus existing cryptos.

However, bitcoin is expected to always retain its unique place in the crypto world. Here is an attempt to analyze the immediate future of bitcoin. Bitcoin is perceived to be among the inventions with the capability to totally alter the global financial sector, and in turn, the future of payments.

Millions of people use…

Crowdfunding refers to the method of raising funds for a venture or project by receiving small quantities of money from a large section of participants. Presently, crowdfunding has become mainstream, and the number of online crowdfunding sites appears to be on the higher side.

With start-ups, crowdfunding is the new norm. However, there is no dearth of entrepreneurs, investors, or people from other backgrounds in the crowdfunding space. Crowdfunding is a unique opportunity for investors without access to massive amounts of money. It is the ideal choice for those who want to be a part of start-ups or small companies.

The cryptocurrency had an exciting ascent to the current popularity and abundance since its introduction in 2009. Today, there are thousands of cryptos. There is a never-before interest in learning more about crypto and its benefits, risks, or future potential. Many crypto investors and enthusiasts are even considering the possibility of launching their own cryptocurrency. Is it really possible to make your own cryptocurrency? The answer is yes, it is possible.

In this article, let us focus on some of the essential information that one should not ignore during the process of making own cryptocurrencies.

However, creating a new cryptocurrency…

When an investor decides to ‘buy the dip,’ he indulges in a process that comprises varied contexts and likelihoods of working out. When an asset is bought following a price dip, the investor usually spends a much lesser price. The investor expects higher returns in the future so that he would receive significant profit.

Is cryptocurrency the best ‘buy the dip’ option now?

The cryptocurrency space has been observing extensive variations of late, and the industry has become highly volatile. Towards mid-May 2021, bitcoin, the first-ever cryptocurrency, fell to almost three months’ lows. At one point, the dip was about…

Blockchain technology is powered by the DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), due to which the accumulated information turns immune to hacking or altering.

Blockchain has already proven to be highly beneficial for the fintech sector. Now, it is penetrating other sectors as well. The CRE industry is the best example.

Blockchain in CRE

Real estate has traditionally shown significant reluctance towards incorporating modern technologies. However, similar to many other industries, the CRE sector couldn’t have remained indifferent to the technological evolution. Recently, the industry has begun to leverage latest technologies. The industry seems to have realized the potential of blockchain to…

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